#GoodNeighbor spread the word

In the #Blogging-101 assignment for today, bloggers are encouraged to read other blogs, ones they have not read before, and leave a thoughtful comment. In my first week of blogging, I read a lot of blog pages. That helped me to see how different themes are used for different types of blogs. What I learned is that I need to think about my blog content a bit more and try different themes until I get the one I want. With so many free themes available I don’t think I should have a theme that doesn’t suit me.

Another excellent reason for visiting other blog pages is that I can comment on things I find interesting or leave a comment when someone has asked for advice. If I have left a request for comments or helpful advice on my blog and someone leaves a comment, you better believe I’m gonna visit their blog and reciprocate.

@Michelle W. comments that:

Why do this?

  • Because engaging in conversation is inspiring; you never know where (or who) your next post idea will come from.

  • Because if no one knows about you or your site, the best way to spread the word is by connecting to other bloggers. No blog is an island.

Writing and posting blog pages at a record pace does not mean people will read them. I have to connect to other bloggers who share the same…values? I am currently following blogs about retirement, arts and crafts, spiritually motivated, visually inspired, food inspired, and so on. I am not an arts and crafts guy and I am not a retired grandmother, but I find the more I connect with real people’s blogs and leave comments, they visit my blog and leave comments. And they often say that they normally don’t read about the type of things I am interested in. But what we all have in common is the desire to be part of a community where we can all succeed and have fun doing it.

My strategy is to visit the blog page and leave my comment there rather than in the commons. This improves a bloggers site data and I think that is important for most of us.

I will meet the challenge of reading four new blog pages and leaving comments today and I expect to find at least one comment as a result.  Thank YOU for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment and your blog url so my blog followers can explore your blog page as well.


4 thoughts on “#GoodNeighbor spread the word

  1. I really appreciated when you left your input / feedback directly on my site. Not only was it helpful feedback, tt made it easier to find than in the flood of Commons comments and I know where it is if I want to refer back to it. I also completely understand your thoughts about theme. I need to do more work with my theme as well. Hopefully I will have time to play with it more this weekend. Thanks for your thoughtful post!


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