Do you enjoy taking lofty and dense theory and applying it to everyday cultural objects? Do you find yourself pondering the possible philosophical references or applications to films like Star Wars? Do you marvel at the Freudian uncanniness of the first blockbuster film Jaws? Perhaps you find genre-fiction over-rated? Or do you love taking it apart, applying social theory willy-nilly to frame up a quick argument? This blog is for like-minded people to leave their own opinions about the subject matter or to comment on my comments if you agree, disagree, or just want to say something.

In 2010, I retired from the USN as a Master Chief Petty Officer. Since then, I have had the great fortune of not finding a job. My circumstances were favorable to jump into my lifelong dream of studying Literature in University while using the GI Bill to cover my bills. Mind if I sum up my life changing experiences from that point with a simple, “Wow!”? When I registered at San Diego City College my life experiences were not that of the average student. I had traveled to all seven continents and celebrated my twenty-third birthday at McMurdo, Station, Antarctica. I was born in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and lived the vast majority of my adult life deployed on ships overseas to the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific, Indian Oceans. The people and places I have experienced shaped me. Reflecting on the places I’ve been has given me an interest in culture.

Studying Literature and Theory, and culture in general, has given me the ability to understand my life experiences in new and meaningful ways. I enjoy taking concepts of theory and applying them to everyday cultural objects, just for fun. These are only playthings, feel free to leave your comments with your own thoughts. This is my intention, to connect with you and hear your reaction.


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  1. Hey there! My boys are down for the night and had some time to comment! Though I’m not interested in social theory I think your readers would appreciate some more options to get to different posts. You could possibly lose readers that have to continue to scroll down. Unless this is what you want to weed out the uninterested… lol You could add some categories as pages/links, or give the “Read more tag” a try to force the interested readers to click to read more.


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